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Basic Features of MLM Software For Your Network Marketing Business

Basic Features of MLM Software For Your Network Marketing Business
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For any business to be successful, its products/services need to have good quality, leadership should have a vision and skill, distributors must be dedicated and dynamic and customers should be happy and satisfied. This is true even for Multi-level Marketing businesses or MLM. Multi-level Marketing is there in 100s of countries. Amway, Avon, Herbalife, Tupperware, etc are some of the popular direct selling businesses in the world. In recent years, MLM software has made MLM businesses run smoothly. MLM software automates your business which makes the whole process fast and efficient. Let’s look into some of the basic features of MLM software.

What are some of the main features of MLM software?

E-commerce integration

E-commerce integration helps reach the product internationally. Now almost all enterprises use e-commerce platforms. MLM with e-commerce is a win-win combo. It also makes MLM business easier and more efficient. Product purchase, product management, etc is easy with this process. With e-commerce integration, it provides features that help in storing transaction details, product purchase history, etc which makes the whole MLM business runs smoothly.

Customer Relationship Management or CRM integration 

Customer Relationship Management is very important in MLM business so choosing CRM integrated MLM software will be a great idea.  CRM integration allows storing data about clients securely and also knowing their responses about products/services. This also provides many useful features such as organizing clients’ emails/tasks, scheduling client meetings in one place, increasing sales via information received through CRM, improving customer relationships, and many other useful features.


An E-wallet is a virtual wallet that helps electronic transactions like purchasing products/services online. This removes the need to provide bank details every time you make an online payment. In MLM software E-wallet integration is an essential feature that makes online money transactions safe. E-wallet integration in MLM software stores and manages information about e-pin, e-currency transactions online. 

Multi-lingual system

Multi-lingual system integration with  MLM software allows the software to operate in different languages of your choice. This makes MLM enterprise’s interaction with customers flexible. Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French, etc are some of the other languages used.


In MLM software, E-pin is a secured code generated. This can be used as a pre-paid voucher payment for user registration, product sales, product registrations, etc. E-pins are generated randomly, so it is highly secured too. E-pin integration in MLM software increases the business transparency of an MLM business.

Multi-Currency Integration

A multi-currency system allows accepting currencies from different parts of the world for transactions. Multi-currency integration in MLM software provides more easy transactions and communication with the customers.

Cryptocurrency Integration

Cryptocurrency MLM software is used for marketing crypto coins and this helps your network marketing business run efficiently. Many enterprises these days rely on cryptocurrencies for their money transactions.  Easier international trade, highly secured transactions, easier accessibility of the system,  etc, are some of the advantages of using cryptocurrencies in MLM business software.

Some additional features are also added by many MLM softwares like:

SMS Integration

SMS integration is yet another feature of MLM software. This helps in quick response to clients, product promotion and advertisement, etc. This also gives a fast response to customers on purchases, payouts, etc.

Support System

It is important for MLM businesses to have a support system integrated into MLM software. This provides a support ticket system for customers for their issues/queries assisted with designated staff, self-service help desk for customers, etc. 


The main features of MLM Software are:

  • E-commerce integration
  • CRM integration
  • E-wallet
  • Multi-lingual system
  • E-pin
  • Multi-currency integration

Most of the MLM businesses have MLM software integrated. Apart from its best features, MLM software has many kinds of MLM Plans that an enterprise can choose accordingly.

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