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Best MLM Companies to join in 2021

Best MLM Companies to join in 2021
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Multi-Level Marketing makes people get rich faster. Do you agree?

We are passing through the toughest situation that COVID-19 (CORONA Virus) has made us stay home and we are not able to do anything. Network Marketing / Network Marketing is a great way to earn in these pandemic days. Make your money from your home. Choose an MLM company wisely and make your life changes. “Do little Earn Better”. Here are the best 10 MLM Companies where you can invest/join.

Top 10 MLM companies to join in 2020-2021

  1. My Daily Choice & Hempworx CBD Oil MLM

My Daily Choice ( MDC ) is one of the best MLM company that was founded by Josh Zwagil in January 2014. Jenna Zwagil joins with Josh Zwagil along with his journey. In 2017 MDC joined with Hempworx which made them more powerful. The main brands of MDC are:

  • Hempworx
  • Daily sprays
  • Mantra essential oils
  • High Life travel
  • Akashx

In this MLM company, Hempworx provides the CDB oils the other products are based on MDC. The two CBD oils they provide are: CBD infused oils for humans and CBD oil treats for the dog. MDC is the best company to join because they are paying 30% to 50% of commissions and bonuses also for their distributors. 

Among these all products what exactly highlights that their CBD oil-based products such as CBD oil drops, pain relief cream and so many heam-based skin care products called Hempworx. MDC now offers its brand new forex cryptocurrency option Akashx to take advantage of the growing crypto market.

Since MDC & Hempworx company is running successfully and they are highly experienced in their industry.

  1. Valentus – Best Coffee MLM

Valentus is famous for its coffee that premises weight loss called SLIMRoast As the name declares it’s the dark roast coffee that will lead us to take weight management to next level. The main founder and CEO of Valentus is Dave Jordan. He founded Valentus in 2014 and now within a short time, it has flourished well. Dave Jordan was actually a distributor of an MLM company and later he takes his own way to his success. 

This company strictly focuses on health maintenance products. The products of this company are focussing more people who need to be a fitness freak. 

The company provides a keto diet too which is now getting hot around fitness lovers. Distributors of Valentus is offering 25% of the commission and other bonus plans.

The main products are coffee & cocoa related products which are best for maintaining a healthy body. Some of them are:

  • SlimRoast optimum
  • ThermoRoast coffee
  • SlimRoast optimum cocoa
  • Thermo cocoa
  • SlimRoast Italian
  • SlimRoast Brazilian
  • SlimRoast cocoa
  1. New U Life

Alexy Goldstein is the founder of New U Life. He was a homeopath/naturalist who worked in the natural food business. This company offers a new and young life for middle-aged people. The main ingredient is a homeopathic human growth hormone that reverses the hormones of a middle-aged man/woman back to his/her youth. The main products it offers are:

  • SomaDerm
  • NeuraVie
  • Fortress
  • Transformational products

New U Life gives some transformational products such as keto diet, Kg4, and KetoGen4. If you are wishing to join this company let me give you a simple tip that is this company is focusing more on the people who are above 35. The distributors are given commissions weekly. 

  1. Young Living

Young Living is very well known for its essential oils and health-related products. The founder, Gary Young gets into essential oils along back on his organic herb farm. Now Young Living company offers certain commissions for its MLM affiliates. There is a wide variety of products of this company selling all around. Young Living also has great ambassadors they are Tia Mowry and Alexa PenaVega this gives them a high profit-making company in 2020.

  1. doTterra

doTterra is a well-known MLM company and the founders of this company are David Sterling and his peers. This is also a company that provides health products. doTterra is a leading company that has raised 5 million in 5 years. The company sells and provides essential oils, Personal care, supplements, etc. The best selling products are from the category essential oils, the products are deodorant and shampoos. If you are one of the distributors of this company you will get certain discounts for your personal purchases and gets commissions for your sales.

doTterra also has its own Perks and benefits like:

  • CafeTERRA
  • goTERRA
  • Prime Meridian Health Care
  • Time off
  • Insurance
  • Employee discounts and free products
  • doTERRA spa
  • doTERRA kids
  • Work from home
  1. Modere

The MLM company that works as a direct selling company restarts by introducing a new brand that is Modere. They call their distributors as social marketers. The distributor needs to sell the product as well as they can join people to this company for both works they are given commissions. Mondere is a strong brand that will only sell branded and highly qualified products. 

They have a team of Leading scientists, Board-certified physicians, and Industry experts through their journey. Modere makes it unique by its team members and products as they are also one of the leading MLM companies.

  1. Dagcoin

Dagcoin is not an MLM company that sells products. It’s a cryptocurrency where people can invest and earn more money. The main aim of Dagcoin is to make sure the availability of cryptos to all the people. Dagcoin themselves says that they are now the best Cryptocurrency than bitcoin. 

Dagcoin id founded by famous Estonia-based European investor Nils Grossberg. This is a startup currency that is a couple of years old. 

The key benefit of this cryptocurrency is you can invest in Dagcoin and make double or triple amounts. You will be paid a 10% commission for each people who invest in Dagcoin. This is a great chance for investors and you all know crypto is getting hot news today. Crypto with MLM will open the world of opportunity for making money.

  1. Senegence

Joni Rogers-Kante, a single mother with a business plan is the founder of Senegence. The key product of this company is LipSense Lipstick. The main attraction to this MLM company is they offer great discounts and 50% commission for their distributors. 

There is a joining fee for that you can buy some products. The company had started two decades ago. This will be a great opportunity for affiliate people for making money. The lipstick that gives this company a hipe because it’s semi-permanent and lasts all day long. If you are a beauty lover this will be a perfect platform to find your gadgets. The main products are Skincare products, Anti-aging, SeneDerm solutions, SeneGence for men, etc.

  1. Total Life Changes

Total Life Changes ( TLC ) the company name describes that the products of the TLC company can change your life. TLC is one of the famous MLM company that sells health-related products, especially for women. Jack Fellon is the founder of TLC MLM Company. The main categories of this company are

  • Weight Management
  • Full body nutrition
  • Energy and fitness
  • Hair and skincare
  • Relaxation and relief
  • Women’s health

The key product of TLC is detox tea fully made of herbs. The other products are coffee powdered by mushrooms, charcoal activated toothpaste, etc, and also have great reviews on Amazon. 

TLC is an MLM company that gives great opportunities for the people who join in an MLM company, They are rewarded 50% commission on their sales and will be provided their own websites. The distributors can bring more people to the company and can get bonuses and bumper bonuses like a Mercedes car.

  1. Vasayo

Vasayo is the leading MLM company that is founded by couples they are Dallin and Karree Laresen. Vasayo sells products that do not have side effects. The products are made with nutrients and with vanilla, cocoa essence. There are a wide variety of capsules, creams, etc.

The capsules of Vasayo really helps to absorb micronutrients that you need for your body by using advanced delivery technology. Lack of sleep and health issues are solved with these capsules. 

The distributors of this company can earn more by selling the products and can sustain as the best distributor in 2020-2021. They offer landmark trips and other bonuses for those who make higher sales.

The other Best MLM Companies are:

  • JDI Life
  • Mint builder 
  • Alliance in Motion global
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