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Centralized and Decentralized MLM Gift Plan – A comparison

Centralized and Decentralized MLM Gift Plan – A comparison
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Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) plans have a crucial role in the growth and success of MLM companies. There are many MLM business plans available such as Binary plan, Unilevel plan, Matrix plan, etc and Gift MLM plan is one of the popular plans among them. The Gift plan is of a give and take concept wherein each member will get benefit from other members in the network. One has to gift an amount of money to some other and later you will receive a gift as a sum of money. This is a simple way to gain more wealth in a short period of time.

The Gift plan is a futuristic MLM plan with a modern concept. Many people are interested and attracted to this plan because it offers chances for getting higher returns. Another new type of gift plan is the ‘Flower Looming Gift Plan’. It has the same concept as a gift plan, with the idea of give and receive. However, the Flower Looming Gift Plan is of a rotating structure like a flower.  There are 4 levels in this structure which are fire, air, earth and water. When a new member joins, he/she enters the 1st level (fire) by gifting an amount of money to the member in 4th (water).  Each member will move from outer level to inner level every week and when he/she enters the 4th level (water), that member receives a gift from the new users on the first level (fire).

The Gift plan or the Flower Looming Gift Plan is used in MLM businesses both as centralized and decentralized. In a centralized system, all the operations and transactions will be under the MLM company’s control. In a decentralized system, transactions and operations will take place without the company or administrators. Let’s take a detailed look at them by understanding both system’s advantages.

Centralized MLM Gift Plan

In the Centralized MLM Gift Plan, sending and receiving gifts will all be through the company. The MLM company’s administrators will be controlling all the transactions in the network. That means, when a new member joins, he/she will be paying the sum (gift) to the company account first instead of sending it directly to the recipient in the network. The sending amount will be deposited into the internal wallet of the user first with the help of Multi-Level Marketing software. Then the user will have the option to send the gift to the recipient’s wallet as payout. Once the company receives it, administrators will identify the amount and its recipient, then approve to send the amount/gift to the receiver. 


  • The transactions will be more authentic as business administrators will be validating every transaction. 
  • You will be able to track every transaction in the network as the MLM software stores all the data which can be accessed anytime.
  • Your money will be safe in the e-wallets.
  • Highly secured.

Decentralized MLM Gift Plan

In the case of Decentralized MLM Gift Plan, The MLM company will not be involved with the transactions that take place in the network. That means users can send gift/money directly to the recipient. There will be no one to control and you will have complete freedom to send and receive gifts/money.


  • It provides 100% transparency to the business.
  • It provides the necessary services to the end-users without any mediation.
  • The payment gateway of your choice can be used.
  • Instant gift/money transfer.

While both Centralized and Decentralized MLM Gift Plan have their own advantages, the Decentralized MLM Gift Plan is becoming more demanding and popular in the network marketing industry. It’s mainly because of the 100% transparency it provides. Moreover, you need a good MLM software in order to get the most out of a Decentralized MLM Gift Plan. Hybrid MLM provides the best MLM software that is suitable for implementing a Decentralized MLM Gift Plan/Flower Looming Gift Plan into your MLM or affiliate business with ease.

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