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E-commerce MLM Software in MLM business – A win-win combo

E-commerce MLM Software in MLM business – A win-win combo
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Using e-commerce MLM software is a trending business strategy in the network marketing business. It gives an opportunity to people and business vendors for buying and selling products online. We can sell/buy almost all kinds of products and services by means of internet-connected devices like computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. 

When we compare new e-commerce and old e-commerce we can clearly understand that old e-commerce was not a practical one because of mainly trust issues and so many misunderstandings. Now we can see that people trust legit e-commerce sites that the normal shops that they recently used to go to. 

E-commerce MLM Software

E-commerce is a platform for marketing, selling, and for promoting your product and services. E-commerce also plays the role of a mediator like Flipcart, amazon, etc sites are selling different brand products. The main advantage is that this platform helps to reach more customers globally. 

An e-commerce MLM software can be easily integrated with MLM software that involves the features like product management, wallet management, membership management, generating reports, etc. 

How E-commerce plus MLM business will be a win-win combo? 

Network marketing is a business model that deals with a giant group of people who are the distributors as well as the customers, if the number of people joining the company increases then automatically the company will grow and can gain success. 

If an MLM business has its own e-commerce platform that will help the vendor to drive people from anywhere in the world to the online store. This will help in reaching the product in different countries and can easily enlarge the business. The most popular e-commerce network marketing websites are Shopify, big commerce, volusion, Squarespace, Demandware, etc. among that Magento and Open cart are more famous.

Magento & Opencart integration 

OpenCart is a free shopping cart system for online merchants. It is an open-source and PHP-based system. OpenCart offers all the standard online store functions like running your online store, add/manage products, sell products, process customers’ orders and manage product shipping. It provides great security and numerous features which make buying/selling easy.

Magento is another popular open-source e-commerce platform that is used by thousands of retailers and brands. It provides a flexible shopping cart system with customization options. Some features of Magento are:

product management, inventory management, order management, better search option, marketing tools, and international support.

Features of E-commerce MLM Software

  • Customization of products and services
  • Supports Multiple Currencies
  • Provides Information pages
  •  Automatic Image resize
  • Sales Report
  • Cart Layout
  • Allow shipping from different countries
  • Customize as per customer request
  • Discount Coupon
  • Shopping history
  • 15+ Payment Gateways

Sum Up

E-commerce MLM is a great way to enchanter your network marketing business to people all around the world. A good MLM software that is capable of integrating e-commerce platforms, you can manage your business easily and smoothly. The software will also generate the overall report on the basis of income referrals. The e-commerce feature in our MLM software provides you the option to integrate an internal shopping cart system or any other open-source shopping carts like OpenCart, Magento, woo-commerce, etc. It performs all the trade-related transactions in the shortest possible time and with ease. 

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