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Is Modicare a scam MLM company or not? – Modicare MLM Review

Is Modicare a scam MLM company or not? – Modicare MLM Review
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Modicare is one of the big Multi-Level Marketing companies in India. The company was established in 1996 and headquartered in New Delhi, the capital of India. Mr. Samir Modi is the founder of Modicare who not only taught people how to dream but also helped them to achieve those dreams.

How Modicare starts its journey?

Samir Modi has worked as a consultant in different direct selling companies abroad and understands their marketing strategies. He strongly believes that through economic independence he can gain success in one of the developing nations like India. By following his beliefs he launched Modicare ( his first direct selling company ) at the age of 25. His vision is to give Freedom to go beyond expectations, Freedom to chase your dreams, and the Freedom to empower the world around you. 

Today Modicare has become one of the fastest-growing direct selling companies and has changed the life of lacks of people by providing quality products and making them accessible through more than 9000 distributors, 4 million direct sellers, and 300k+ new direct sellers each month. The company claims that it has 40 centers across the country and supplies products in 2700+ cities.

Modicare products

The company has different categories of products ranking from Agrochem to Education, Entertainment to retail, Cosmetics, Network Marketing, Salons, Tobacco, Tea, Restaurants, and Travel. 

As we have heard they are saying that the products are manufactured by themselves. The products are produced in its R&D centers by the company staff who are highly experienced. The products sold by this company are manufactured in accordance with Indian tastes and formulated according to international standards.

Pros of Modicare Company

  • Different variety of products

Modicare offers a wide variety of products that starts from health care, personal care, home care, cosmetics, jewelry, travel, and tech. Some of the best-sellers are soul flavor active rice bran oil, sofwash white pearl soap, fresh moments toothpaste, fruit of the earth C.T.C & long leaf tea, essential instant tea tree oil with vitamin E,  etc. Each and every product is manufactured by their own experienced staff and is served in high quality.  

  • More than 20 years of experience

Modicare has started its journey in 1992 and has more than 20 years of experience. Mr. Samir Modi, the CEO of the company is an alumnus of the famed Harvard Business school and also has risen from a family of great business magnets. 

Cons of Modicare company

  • Not much popular in world market

The biggest criticism is that it is not economically visible. Most of the reviews, info, and even their youtube videos are in the Hindi language which will make it hard for people in other countries to catch the content given. 

  • Lack of transparency and income potential

There are some missing terms or some things that are not clear in Modicare, especially regarding the ingredients of the product, income statements, the company tells they are serving their products in different countries but they haven’t listed their foreign branch offices on their official websites. 

Sum Up

The CEO of Modicare,Mr.Samir Modi is the Grandson of the founder of Modi Enterprises that is Gujarmal Modi. Samir Modi started his business career in 1992 and later founded Modicare, a new network marketing arm to the Modi group in 1996, started the journey with 12 products and 300 distributors which is a great start at that time. He then took over the Modicare cosmetic company in 2003 and later launched Colorbar Cosmetics in 2004. 

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