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Leading Technologies

Leading Technologies
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The World has changed to special technological ages. Where the behavior and lifestyle of the people changes, and the world is deeply adopting these ages slowly. But the technology is running very fast. Siblings are coming out of mothers’ tomb with new ideas. Every one invents a new history. In the modern world there came so many technologies that take the beliefs of people that this is unbreakable. Technologies are keeping deprecated and eventually the modern concepts will replace them. Peoples are looking closely at newer technologies and strategies. They are busy with there own world. The ultimate factor that lies behind the inventions is the hesitation of people. People are lazy and they find the shortcuts to do everything that is actually the motive behind inventions. The great Bill Gates told that he will hire people who are lazy in his company because they will find shortcuts.

Some of the technologies in short note:

The internet

              The wave that came to the shore of the world and takes all people of this world to another world. Now the world is on the fingertip of everyone because of the internet. When this was invented people were very happy because they have an opportunity to become the authorities. That was not a chance happened. This was benefitted by private companies which makes a huge turn over now. The internet was actually invented for the army basis for communication. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Honestly, Artificial Intelligence or AI is older than what we call the internet. This is the golden wings in the field of technology. But a suspicious technology that may take the rule of the world. People are encouraging this. In so many shops we can see robots as a salesman. Moreover, AI is used by the reputed authorities for stopping crime. There is a special wing in for AI. this will make an end to the crimes occurs in the country. In olden times the world was in the control of the animal species that live at that time. Where human was a community who lives in a small piece of land. And they started defeating the animal species and started there growth step by step. And now in this 20th century, we can see that human is the ultimate in everything. Great Stephen Hawking predicts that in the future artificial intelligence will defeat humans.


           A chain of blocks is blockchain in simple words. The technology of the future that may take off the power of the internet. Everything in this world is upgrading. This is not a widespread technology. The great plus of this is that it cannot be centralized. This will bring a massive change in the technical industry, the breakthrough. Cryptocurrency uses the blockchain platform for the exchange of money. This is a highly secure way because every block is interconnected to each other. The blocks are interconnected by the hash code of the previous block.  If an exchange made in a single block that acknowledges by way of the opposite blocks and it indicates the crimson signal. Blockchain is a huge ledger this is saved within the cloud.

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