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We know that today all have a little misunderstanding about MLM business. I’m saying that myths frequently disturb people about MLM business. Nowadays we are afraid of purchasing products from any distributors at our doorsteps to sell their product. We consistently consider them as scam peoples. It will burn our time and cash by tolerating their offer. We only accept the offers from those with whom we have trust/experience with that company and product.

There are so many myths in network marketing. If you fall into such fantasies you have a horrible encounter So, split fact from myth and go with it. Myths are;

1. Only top peoples make money,

Pyramid scheme

This myth says that almost 90% of direct sellers lost their money. Only the people in the top position like the CEO, owner of the company will get the money. As per this, we cannot say blindly that they will only get the profit. Network marketing/MLM business will give profit according to how you will make the effort. The effort you take will show the result. So there is nothing based on top people like CEOs. Your earnings depend on how you promote the products and company to convince others. While you’re convincing others, say them true facts about your company.  

 2. A Majority of recruiters go off early.

Writing good bye

 It is a false assumption that most of the recruiters left this business. Almost a good percentage of people are interested and also joining in network marketing. Those people who are very interested to become direct sellers in the future are mainly interested to join here.

 3. It is an illegal pyramid structure.

illegal Pyramid scheme

 MLM is not an illegal pyramid structure. In the illegal pyramid scheme, they only focus on investment. They don’t care about the products supplied to clients by them. They only want to make more distributors without offering profits to them.

MLM simply focuses on the quality of the product. They offer a commission to their clients.  All clients are happy in MLM business about its products and profit that they earn from this. The owners, as well as the distributors, gain profit in this MLM business. In the US,  illegal pyramid MLM business is banned.

4 . MLM products are overpriced.

Over pricing

 Not all MLM products are too costly. The good products have their own price. I’m not saying that overprice is affordable to everyone. MLM business is purely based on average people. MLM business will only succeed if they put affordable prices but however quality depends on price.

5. It is an Outdated method.


There are many individuals who are engaging in MLM business to build their marketing level. So this is not only about buying and selling products thus, this is not an outdated method.

6. Never get rich through multi-level marketing.

Get rich quick

No, it’s wrong. You can get rich through multilevel marketing. Considering individuals, getting rich is their perception. For someone, it is reaching the goals and for others, it simply earns the money from the business.


Now, I hope all can categorize myths and facts in network marketing. This article will definitely help you to differentiate facts from each myth. If you have an interest in network marketing make sure you are ready to tackle each challenge that traces you. If you will show more interest in business it will give the best outcome. Are you ready to make an effort, then delete all myths from your mind and go with a  fresh start.

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