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Network Marketing and ICO

Network Marketing and ICO
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The term “network marketing” is no longer new, so first of all, lets attempt to define what networking marketing in the business world is all about. Network marketing is a marketing strategy that is aimed at attracting more customers in order to increase the overall publicity and sales of a product.

Now, blockchain technology has also found its application in the network marketing business, mostly as an integral part of a multi-level marketing platform, and the truth is, these systems are well connected. As you read along, you will find out how.

To effectively manage the various activities of any network marketing business in real time, a good network marketing tool is needed. The tool or software should be able to handle referral marketing, direct sales and other network marketing operations. This is where the blockchain technology comes in handy as the perfect network marketing solution.


Relevance of “Blockchain” in Network Marketing

If a network marketing system must stand out, integration with a blockchain ledger module is necessary. For efficiency, the blockchain is built to handle the different network marketing processes in one space, including cash-in/cash-out transactions, flow structure and member registration. The major benefits of the blockchain system are its high level of efficiency, transparency and security.

Nowadays, an MLM software integrated with blockchain technology is in high demand. And if you need a perfect blend of both in your network marketing business, at an affordable rate, then an ICO is what you should get.


ICO Integration in Network Marketing

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a system implemented for crowdfunding to offer returns in form of crypto coins or tokens. This system is usually a campaign event aimed at growing the customer base as well as expanding the product network while increasing the popularity of the business brand.

Since nobody wants to make a bad investment, it is often difficult for startups since new members and investors are still a bit skeptical as to the authenticity of the investment, as well as its viability. With an integration of the blockchain technology and ICO in network marketing, it’s a whole lot easier to win the heart of the crowd.

Below is a quick guide on how a successful ICO campaign works as you venture into the unique world of ICO network marketing;

  • Conceive, develop and analyze the idea
  • Put it on paper
  • Make it open to all users and investors
  • carryout a nice campaign and market the idea
  • the idea turns into an innovation and the ICO campaign is successful

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