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Self Replicated Website

Self Replicated Website
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As technology is advancing day by day, the use of the internet and software in business/service industries has become vital in today’s world. Most of the businesses, including Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing companies, use software these days with their e-commerce platform to sell their products/services via online. It helps businesses to grow, achieve profitability, and succeed in today’s competitive world.

What is Self Replicated Website?

Self Replicated Website is a modern tool used in affiliate software. A replicated website is given to any number of different users, even as custom-designed. When a user refers to a member, each new member will get their own personalized website that can be used to promote the business more effectively. Every user can personalize their website with adding or changing user names, profiles, themes, photos, blogs, videos, galleries, social media, feeds, testimonials, promotions, etc. There will also be a­ graphical online editing tool that anyone can use easily for customization. Admins can set the levels of permission and availability of content options for users in the Replication Website tool. Replicating websites make it easy for your business to grow both in terms of sales and profits.

How it works?

When a new member registers as your downline in an affiliate program, he/she will get his/her own personalized website. The replicating URL will be like ‘’ (, here ‘James’ is the replicated username). The Replicated Website tool is very useful in MLM business software or affiliate marketing software. Users of MLM business or affiliate business will be able to do marketing, sales, and promotional activities more efficiently with the help of Self Replicating Websites.


  • Save time and money

It eliminates the need for every member in using and relying on the company website for doing their different business activities which can be time-consuming. By using this tool, every member will get their own replicated website automatically upon registration. Also, each member can do business promotional activities themselves through their websites which will help the company to save money on marketing and promotions.

  • Customization

There are limits when members use the company website for doing their business activities. There will be a limit on the amount of content you can post there and the page may not be attractive to the leads. But with replicated website feature, members can customize their own website to make it attractive to the buyers/leads and do various business activities.

  • User-friendly interface

It provides SEO friendly URL id with the domain name for each site. Members can handle their websites very easily because of the simple user interface. It also makes new sign-ups easy and quick.

  • More reach

Members can share their websites to attract more leads. They can post the website link to social media so that people can open the link and check out the company, products/services, compensation scheme, etc. This will lead to more sales and recruitment opportunities.

Hybrid MLM offers Self Replicated Website solutions for businesses like MLM/Network marketing or any other affiliate businesses. Our Replicated Website tool allows customization options that any MLM or affiliate businesses can use to reflect themselves. It also ensures the members become more active and the business gets more leads.

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