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If you all came here to find out what sou sou exactly and why it can be used?

This is the right place. Sou Sou scheme is a legit saving scheme. We all want our high-earned income to be saved for future needs. But we’re afraid of several schemes that are frequently used. Through the media, we all daily hear about the fraud activities in different schemes. If you are in the sou-scheme then, there is no need for worries. You can easily invest and save your money.


Sou is a US-based company and it offers an amazing saving scheme for its customers to plan their investment and provides a high return on investment. Sou savings scheme is a kind of circled gifting process, where all the participants go through 4 different positions of the scheme and each member needs to make another two members join the scheme.

 All these members contribute a certain amount of gift money once during the gifting period. The all-out commitment will earn as a blessing payout to one of the gathering individuals every month. The receiver of the blessing payout will be pivoted every month and it is guaranteed that every one of the individuals gets the complete contributed sum in a turning style before the scheme ends.

Sou has 2 models;

Both the models follow a similar commission plan where the main distinction is with the joining blessing charge. The joining charge for the SuSu Flower Model A is $500, the payout present for every month is $4000, and the part positions are spoken to with components though in SuSu B: Diamond model, the joining expense is $100, the payout present for every month is $800 and the part positions are spoken to with colors.

1. SuSu A: Flower Model.

Here there 4 four elements named:

  1. Fire-it has 8 positions (passage position)
  2. Air-it has 4 positions.
  3. Earth-it has 2 positions.
  4. Water-it have 1 position (destination)
Flower model of | Hybrid mlm software

By referring to the above-mentioned sou-sou flower chart, you can see that the Fire position is the passage position where there will be 8 positions,8 members will enter the fire position in the first week. During the next week, they will move to an air position. Likewise, by the fourth week, they will reach the water level. After he/she reaches here will get a commission directly from the 8 members of the fire level (first tier). This program is simply based on rotation. This process will repeat and so on.

2. SuSu B: Diamond Model.

Diamond model of sou sou - hybrid MLM blog
  • 1. Red
  • 2. Turquoise
  • 3. Green
  • 4. Blue

In the Diamond model, Red is the passage position like fire position and Blue is the destination position like water position in the flower model and the process remains the same.

This plan will carry more advantages to the clients by putting less and indicating the individuals in the organization, which is the reason this arrangement is favored by numerous individuals in the MLM business MLM industry.

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