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Success stories of top earners in Multi-level marketing 2022

Success stories of top earners in Multi-level marketing 2022
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Multi-level marketing has come a long way since its inception. To thrive steadily and successfully in the MLM business, it needs top-quality products/services, a leadership with a vision and passion, and a network of distributors with dedication and enthusiasm. This is the mantra for any successful MLM.

When you talk about Multi-level marketing, you cannot ignore the top successful earners who are an inspiration to others. Each of the MLM millionaire stories is a lesson in itself. It was not a cakewalk to success for these people. Their journey is of hard work, passion, determination, and perseverance.

Let’s get a glimpse of their way into the top ladder.

Rolf Kipp

Rolf Kipp - Success stories of top earners in Multi-level marketing 2022

Forever Living Products is a popular MLM brand that you may be well aware of. The story of Rolf Kipp, one of the top earners in FLP is from struggles to prosperity. His early life was of difficulties and hardships. It was in a time when his mother was suffering from kidney disease and his father troubling from cancer, he was continuously in search of good medications for them. Although his friends and well-wishers suggested many, it was of no effect.

He then came to know about Forever Living Products. He approached the company and received an instant positive reply. Their products brought much-needed relief to his parents and saw a great improvement in their health. He decided why not introduce these products to the German MLM business market. This nation was unexplored territory for FLP. Kipp joined FLP as a part-time in 1995. He worked day and night and walked his way into success. He later became fully dedicated to Forever Living. His current annual earnings are $9.6 million. It was his passion for the business as well as his desire to take this to people around him that paved his way for huge success.

Brian Mcclure

Brian Mcclure - Success stories of top earners in Multi-level marketing 2022

Brian Mcclure climbed his way into success with his association with Ambit Energy. Ambit is a retail energy supplier in the United States, a successful retail energy supplier of electricity and natural gas. Brian joined Ambit in 2006.

To give a brief journey of Brian, even in his college days he was very inclined to business and had his stint of success with small businesses. When he started his professional life, he had many successful business ownerships. After he joined Ambit energy, there was no looking back. Brian has been a constant top earner in Ambit and he mentors others in the same firm to become successful independent business owners. His annual earnings are $8.4 million dollars. Brian Mcclure’s go-getting attitude, dynamism, and leadership qualities make him stand apart from his peers.

Jeff Roberti

Jeff Roberti - Success stories of top earners in Multi-level marketing 2022

Someone who is willing to work hard with persistence and focus can reach great heights in life. Oh…this is not a random philosophy. Jeff Roberti’s story is one such example of this. Jeff Roberti has had a difficult past and has to do various jobs starting from high school. His father struggled to make his family ends meet. From earlier in his life, he has understood the value of hard work and money. Jeff joined Juice PLUS+ in 1987 and success became his constant companion. His annual earnings are $5.4 million. Jeff’s journey is a shining example that no matter how small you start in life, you can achieve your dreams of success if you have the right attitude.

Sunny HSU and Debra Hseih

Sunny HSU and Debra Hseih - Success stories of top earners in Multi-level marketing 2022

Amway is a leader in the MLM business. In the late 1980s, Sunny Hsu and Debra Hseih, a couple hailing from rural Taiwan, struggled to meet their ends. It was at that time they got introduced to Amway and they started door-to-door-selling in Taiwan with Amway products. It became a huge success and later they moved to China in 1995. The success journey continues and their annual earnings are $4.2 million.

Ada Caballero

Ada Caballero - Success stories of top earners in Multi-level marketing 2022

Ada Caballero is a highly accomplished network distributor with Vida Divina. The company makes health and lifestyle products. Ada Caballero joined Vida Divina in 2016.  Caballero earns $4.08 million annually. She has been in network marketing for more than 20 years and worked smartly to reach this position. She was a resident of Mexico, now a resident of California.

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