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The history of Multi-level marketing and its journey till 2021

The history of Multi-level marketing and its journey till 2021
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Do you ever think of what is the earliest MLM or How Multi-level marketing started? Here let’s discuss the history of the Multi-level marketing business and its journey till 2021. 

How I get into this topic

I have many friends who are working as a distributor in one of the MLM companies. They usually make a phone call to me to demonstrate their products and services and they want me to join as a distributor so that they can earn a referral bonus. I refused this proposal several times whenever they called me because I had not enough money and some trust issues. But the word Multi-Level Marketing strikes me. And I kept searching in search engines regarding the topic “what is MLM/Multi-Level Marketing?  

I was really disappointed because there was a huge amount of data spitted by the search engines. I started reading so many blogs related to topics like Best MLM companies to join in 2021, History of Multi-level marketing, How can we succeed in network marketing, etc. Now I have a clear picture of MLM business and I would like to share something that I had found which is really awesome. 

Multi-Level Marketing

MLM or Network Marketing is a sort of business that sells the products and services directly to the customers by the distributors. The distributors are paid with their commission according to the compensation plan. 

The History of Network Marketing


was the very first direct selling company, founded in 1934, was based on direct selling vitamins. By 1945 the company started thinking of selling more products but they needed an innovative technique for entering into the people. So the company started making their own customers into distributors for promoting their product. That was an easy and cost-efficient way to reach more people. The company claims that its product was effective in treating a wide variety of elements such as depression, heart attacks, and even cancer. 


In 1945 the chemist Earl Tupper, created lightweight, flexible, and unbreakable containers. In the early stages, the products didn’t do well in the market. So he thinks that the products will be sold better if there will be a demonstration. Soon he linked up with Brownie Wise and created a home product show ad. And they discovered the “Tupperware Party Plan MLM” which demonstrates the true qualities and effectiveness of the home products and sales. 


MARY KAY, found in 1963. In 1996 the company made two billion dollars in sales. The distributors of MARY KAY are called “Beauty consultants”  because they sell beauty-related products.


In 1972, two high school friends Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos left NUTRILITE (the foremost MLM company) after working as distributors and founded the company “Amway” which is now one of the notorious MLM companies. 

The journey of Multi-level Marketing till 2021

The founding of the big giant Amway by two former distributors of an MLM company made a breakthrough in the history of Multi-level marketing. This leads people to get the correct idea of what an MLM is and new entrepreneurs started stepping up into the Network marketing business. 

Most of the MLM companies sell beauty-related and health-related products and services. A lot of people all around the world, mainly women’s play the entrepreneur role of most of the Multi-level marketing business. Network Marketing opens great opportunities for unemployed people, students, small business owners, moms, etc. for making their own earnings by sitting at home with an internet connection and a smart device.

Social media role in Network Marketing business      

Social media was a platform of entertainment but after a few decades it was transformed into a business, entertainment, open protest place, emotion sharing place, etc. Facebook is the main platform where so many businesses are focused. According to Multi-level marketing, the distributors of an MLM company can make so many referrals from all over the world through this channel, and also they can share the product with a massive audience.

MLM software – one of the inevitable resource in MLM business 

MLM software is a technical tool used by MLM vendors for handling their business in a smooth and easy way. The software contains a dashboard that contains user downlines, payout details, balance in business wallet, business mails, graphical reports of business, etc. MLM software can support more than two compensation plans. Mainly Network Marketing software contains 2 sides one is the user side and the other is the admin side. In this digitalized world MLM software is an inevitable resource in MLM business.

Sum up

  • NUTRILITE, the foremost MLM company, started its journey in 1934 by selling health-related products.
  • Earl Tupper in 1945 created plastic containers which were not moving at the first and later he linked with Brownie Wise and created a home product show ad. That was called the Tupper part plan MLM.
  • MARY KAY found in 1963 has made over two billion dollars in1996. 
  • Amway was founded by two former distributors in 1972, which made a turning point in MLM. As many of the people get the idea of what MLM is and many entrepreneurs to start MLM news.
  • MLM software, the best technical tool for successful business vendors. It also acts as a business partner in MLM business. 
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