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Top 10 automation tools to maximize your MLM business efficiency

Top 10 automation tools to maximize your MLM business efficiency
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Optimize your Multi-level Marketing or MLM business by maximizing efficiency. Now you can easily find your customers, interact with your affiliates and calculate commissions accurately. All processes that require more attention can be handled automatically with less effort and time. Simplify business processes and organize your business correctly.

Technology has introduced many methods to automate any business to replace manual effort. In the MLM business, getting closer to customers or prospects determines the company’s development. The more precise we invest in all MLM businesses, the higher the success rate.

Top 10 automation tools for streamlining your Network Marketing Business

Business procedure automation 

It is essential to automate any business process by replacing manual operations. Managing time, energy and providing accuracy in all processes will reflect business development. In MLM, business process automation is feasible, changing the field from looking for potential customers to evaluating business progress. 

What can be automated using business automation tools?

  • Prospecting and Lead Generation-Track leads and generates leads by using automated email or SMS and regular follow-up on the landing page.
  • Potential customer conversion and sales channels-convert potential customers into distributors and customers by introducing products or services. Guide potential customers to make purchasing decisions.
  • Complex commission calculations – commissions or bonuses are calculated in real-time, with no errors, and a dedicated compensation engine is used to reduce manual effort.
  • Commission processing-simple and well-organized commission and bonus processing on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Membership/Distributor Management-Distributors can be promoted to a higher level based on performance. This is automatically allocated when the requirements are met.
  • Business Profit Analysis-Easily analyze profit and growth and make necessary improvements when needed.

Market automation

Regular interactions with clients or customers can be updated automatically without manual procedures. Repetitive marketing tasks can be automated through various marketing channels such as email and social media to save both time and energy. Multiple tasks are scheduled and tracked automatically. Both the generation of leads and the product marketing can be automated. 

look into a number of the features of marketing automation.

  • Potential customer segmentation-This involves finding leads and categorizing them according to personal preferences. This takes into account the age or gender of the potential customer.
  • Potential customer nurturing-This is about building personal relationships with potential customers to increase engagement. This will increase your lead score and encourage them to join as buyers.
  • Lead scoring-This involves ranking potential customers based on their interest or response level. When potential customers show more interest, the score of potential customers will increase.
  • Relationship Marketing-Focus on attracting and retaining customers by establishing strong relationships with them. specialize in developing a customer-centric culture and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.
  • Cross-selling and up-selling– Cross-selling is an automated process that encourages buyers to purchase related products. Upselling is the practice of persuading customers to buy more expensive products.
  • Marketing ROI measurement– Marketing ROI measurement depends on the percentage of sales growth allocated to the marketing process. Complicated formulas need to be developed, and it takes time to calculate the return on investment of a large company.

Sales automation

The sales process usually requires regular monitoring. It takes a long time to write emails, call potential customers one by one, and rank potential customers based on their scores. All these processes can be automated through sales automation. 

Simple steps to automate the sales process.

  • Email reminders– You can set up custom email campaigns by day, week, or month, and guide customers through the sales funnel.
  • Sales Alert– When a potential customer takes any positive action, a notification will be sent to the sales team via SMS or email.
  • Potential customer allocation– According to different standards such as country or product, distributors are allocated instantly.
  • Lead Priority-Find potential customers based on lead score and other factors of interest for easy conversion.
  • Automatic report– The sales team will be informed of follow-up, phone calls, etc. immediately. Through visual presentation, such as charts or graphs.

Automation of bonuses and commissions

The calculation and payment of commissions are very important in the MLM business. The distributor must be paid the right commission at the right time. When dealing with a large number of distributors, manually calculating payments can be difficult. 

Effortless commission and bonus calculation.

  • Error-free calculation– commission update and commission calculation can be completed without errors, avoiding overpayment.
  • ERP integrated commission system-integrated ERP commission calculation, which can quickly and accurately handle complex commission structures.
  • Reduce management work– Automatic commission calculation can ensure that the calculation is correct, without the administrator’s effort and time.
  • Tax calculation-taxes or other deductions are calculated automatically. 
  • Timely payment of commissions– Taking the shortest time to pay commissions thereby motivating suppliers.
  • Performance preference– Considering the performance of distributors, offers such as instant payment, weekly payment, or monthly payment.

Business Intelligence (BI) tools

Automated business data reporting will help you conduct your business more efficiently. Business report exploration and analysis will enhance and improve business performance. Automatic reports can be generated at preset time intervals; weekly or monthly on a schedule. BI tools can also identify the causes of problems that affect the business and provide solutions. 

Let’s see how to conduct in-depth analysis and grow the business.

  • Demographic analysis– Analyze visitors based on their gender or age and plan offers accordingly.
  • Geographical analysis-Analyze visitors based on geographic preferences, and recommend or promote products based on location preferences.
  • Location-specific reports help you focus on the areas of most concern and introduce specific products or services.
  • Sales-based analysis-analyze which products or services will accelerate business growth, and you can plan promotions accordingly.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)-Analyze performance and unnecessary expenses, and provide necessary hints and solutions to avoid them.

Distributor engagement automation

In the MLM business, tracking distributors and customers are very important. When they automatically receive notifications about new product releases or any time-based events, they become more attached to and interact with the company. 

Interact with your dealers and increase business productivity.

  • Reorder reminders-Reorder reminders, automatic shipping functions, etc. can arrange when to send to whom.
  • Follow-up reminders from the outreach group– Distributors can receive follow-up reminders to remain their customers active.
  • Time-based notifications– They can automatically track customers through personalized messages at regular intervals. 
  • Customer Address Book-Distributors can store and maintain the contact information of their customers.

Distributor retention and recruitment automation

Distributors are an integral part of the MLM business; recruiting and retaining them is very important. If they are well encouraged and motivated, this will reflect the business. Understanding their needs and providing support at the right time will make them more active. 

Learn how to automate distributor recruitment and retention.

  • Quality training-Distributors can use various training tools to help them improve work efficiency.
  • Online support– Support level achievements through automatic overflow and balance legs.
  • Loyalty program– Incentivize dealers by using innovative rewards and loyalty programs to update incentive programs and assign personalized offers and rewards.
  • Achievements– Automatic appreciation of all achievements through personalized emails or messages will make distributors more motivated and able to set goals to achieve more goals.
  • Gamification-Use games such as setting levels, challenges, and points to attract distributors. Provide rewards and recognition for winning the game.
  • Recruitment-automatically finds potential customers, segments and tracks hot and cold potential customers based on their interests and reactions.

Distributor hierarchy management or genealogy management

The genealogy tree is constructed for different reasons. It helps to manage all distributors under a particular distributor. According to the performance of the distributor, the members can be grouped and displayed as active, inactive, high performance, etc. in the form of a chart.

Check how to automate Geneology tree management

  • Automatic location update– When a higher level of qualification is obtained, the location in the genealogy tree will be automatically updated.
  • Repositioning-Managers can reposition members to reward their efforts by adjusting their levels.
  • Self-correction: errors in compensation or commission management can be automatically corrected by assigning members to the correct position.
  • New member assignment– New members will be automatically assigned when registering. 
  • New job assignment– Distributors can jump to a new job by completing a pre-set matrix in some plans, such as board compensation plans. From the newly assigned positions, dealers can recruit new potential customers by balancing their legs.

Social media automation

Social media platforms affect people all over the world. Some people use social media to pass the time, while others use it to socialize and connect with more people. This is the true definition of productivity, not addiction, in terms of business or productivity!

Publishing content and posts on social media is a key component of turning potential customers into customers. Optimizing your sharing on social media will keep you active in the community and thus grow your business. 

Connect and communicate on social media to remain active.

  • Chatbots-Use personalized responses to communicate with customers or potential customers on social media. 
  • Sharing posts– You can arrange posts to be shared on multiple social networks at the same time, saving time and effort.
  • Personalized communication– You can maintain regular communication through social networks instead of promoting sales information.
  • View reports-Create reports on overall network performance, growth, and interactions.

Notification automation

When the notification function works well, distributors and administrators will find it easy. Notifications with personalized content will increase the degree of automation. You can arrange when these files should be sent to whom. Notifications about registration and related services will also help dealers. 

Automated notifications to make business processes more active.

  • Media Update-Share any industry-related news or updates in real-time with distributors.
  • New registration– When a new member joins, the distributors will be notified.
  • Level– When a downline member reaches a higher level or moves to a higher position, the upline distributor will automatically send a notification.

Event notification– Notify training or incentive programs so that distributors can participate more actively and improve work efficiency.

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