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Top 10 MLM and Network Marketing Businesses For 2024

Top 10 MLM and Network Marketing Businesses For 2024
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The development of technology has led to an increase in Network Marketing Businesses and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) opportunities. 

In fact Famous MLM businesses like Lularoe, Market America, Amway, Avon, Mary Kay, and others attract people with their motivational tales.

The term “Multilevel Marketing” describes a type of business that relies on one-on-one sales by independent consultants, most of whom operate from their homes. 

The fundamental goal of the MLM approach is to increase the sales force by encouraging as many distributors as possible to offer the product.

In order to bring in new employees, network marketing encourages current members to create and market items. 

The business gives a portion of each sale to dealers. In order to boost sales and earn more money MLM earners are urged to join the distributor network or downline.

Top 10 Network Marketing or MLM Businesses:

The top 10 MLM and network marketing companies are listed below. This list, based on these businesses’ recent profitability, is a fantastic illustration of the rising demand for network marketing in the modern era.

1. Amway: 

Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos founded Amway in 1959. Additionally, it includes well-known brands including XS, Artistry, Nutrilite, and eSpring. The company is well known for providing items for home, beauty, and health care.

Amway operates in more than 100 countries and has a sizable sales network of more than 3 million independent distributors.

2. Forever Living: 

Rex Moughan established the US-based business in 1978. In addition, it is one of the largest network marketing organizations in the US and the rest of the world. 

The highest-paying MLM firm in the world is Forever Living. One of the top makeup companies is focused on the healing properties of the aloe vera plant. They consequently gained the reputation of being an “Aloe Vera MLM.”

3. Avon:

In 1866, David H. McConnell founded Avon. Also, this network marketing company is a well-known vendor of cosmetics, home goods, and personal care products. 

Avon sells high-end, cutting-edge, and fashionable products. It is one of the top companies for beauty care, with about 6.4 million active representatives.

4. Quanjian: 

Shu Yuhui established the well-known Chinese herbal medicine organization Quanjian in 2004. Also, it offers dietary supplements and other things. The parent company of QuanJian Natural Medicine Technology Development Co. is this company.

5. Amore Pacific:

Suh Sung-when launched it in 1945, and it is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Its cosmetics and beauty items make this MLM company stand out. 

They produce high-quality, high-performing goods that draw on the knowledge of Asian botanicals. Also, they have focused on reducing environmental effects by advocating sustainable lifestyles.

6. Jeunesse:

Jeunesse was founded in 2009 by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. It is a cutting-edge worldwide company that creates cutting-edge goods, training, and support using the most recent technology. 

They have multiple distributors all around the world, and their products are renowned for being both affordable and of great quality.

7. Herbalife:

It is an MLM business with a US base that Mark Hughes founded in 1980. With more than 40 years of experience creating meal-replacement shakes and dietary supplements, Herbalife is a world leader in nutrition.

8. Infinitus:

Infinitus was founded in 1992 and has its headquarters there. This Chinese-based MLM company is well known for its line of health items. 

The company’s first product was a tonic, and till now, it has a net value of approximately $3 billion.

9. LG Household & health:

With a net worth of 23.4 billion USD, the South Korean company LG Household & Health, which was created in 2001, has a sizable consumer base. 

It offers skincare, domestic, medical, and anti-aging items. In addition, it provides juice, soda, energy drinks, and other drinks.

 10. Natura Cosmetics:

Antonio Luiz Seabra founded this renowned multi-level marketing business in 1959. They market goods ranging from home care to health and beauty. 

The company conducts business internationally across more than 73 countries and 6 continents. It also has a network worth USD 5.6 billion.


To sum up, The future of Network Marketing has long been anticipated. It will therefore surely still exist in 100 years! Are you curious to find out more about MLM businesses and network marketing? You’re in luck because this site contains all the information you require! 

You will have all the knowledge necessary to decide which MLM firms to choose and which to avoid with exhaustive research and in-depth explanations.

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