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Top 10 Popular Cryptocurrencies ruling the market

Top 10 Popular Cryptocurrencies ruling the market
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Ever since the introduction of Cryptocurrencies, they have taken the money market by a wave of change. The first crypto coin Bitcoin was introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Although the change was gradual, now cryptocurrencies have become very popular and every day it is the talk of the town in the newspapers, articles, media, and among people especially youngsters. More and more people have started investing in Cryptocurrencies and they have also been used in the MLM business.

Who would think a generation back that digital money can be used for transactions? But man has his ideas and innovations unlimited and crypto coins were developed. There are thousands of crypto coins in the market and let’s dig out some details about some popular cryptocurrencies.

The Most Popular Cryptocurrencies

Most cryptocurrencies are popular because of their decentralized nature. As mentioned above there are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the world but some of them are on the list of popular cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin was the first fully developed Crypto coin and it was introduced in the year 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. In some countries like El Salvador. Bitcoin was made a legal tender in June 2021. Bitcoin is still one of the most popular crypto coins in the market even today.

  • Currency name- Bitcoin
  • Programming Language of implementation- C++
  • Developed by -Satoshi Nakamoto
  • Current market price- $50,933.82


Etherium is second to Bitcoin in the market scenario. It was conceived in the year 2013 by Vitalik Buterin and was announced at the North American Bitcoin conference in Miami in 2014. Gavin Charles Hoskinson, Anthony Di Iorio, and Joseph Lubin are the co-founders of Etherium.

  • Currency name- Etherium
  • Programming Language of implementation-C++, Go
  • Developed by-Vitalik Buterin
  • Current market price- $4087.87


Litecoins were introduced by Charlie Lee in the year 2011 and it is a Bitcoin spinoff. Litecoins are more complicated to generate than Bitcoins as the former uses the Scrypt algorithm and the mining devices used to create it are more expensive than bitcoin which uses SHA-256.

  • Currency Name-Litecoin
  • Programming Language of implementation-C++
  • Developed by-Charlee Lee
  • Current market price- $165.07


Namecoin was developed by Vincent Durham in the year 2011 and it uses the same code and proof of work algorithm as used for Bitcoins.

  • Currency Name-Namecoin
  • Programming Language of implementation-C++
  • Developed by-Vincent Durham
  • Current market price- $1.60


Dogecoin was developed by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Parmer in the year 2013. It became a huge hit instantly. The algorithm used in dogecoin is Scrypt and transaction is more convenient than Bitcoin. 

  • Currency name-Dogecoin
  • Programming Language of implementation- C++
  • Developed by- Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer
  • Current market price- $0.1825


Ripple crypto coin was developed by Ripple Labs Inc and it was released in the year 2012. The coin was ranked sixth in July 2021 in the market. This is used in some major bank payments too. 

In the 2014 MIT Technology Review, Ripple protocol and Ripple labs were named as one of 50 Smartest Companies of 2014.

  • Currency name- Ripple
  • Programming Language of implementation- C++
  • Developed by- Arthur Britto, David Schwartz, Jed MacCaleb
  • Current market price- $0.9224


Tether was among one of the most popular stable coins among the crypto coins. Many crypto coins like Bitcoins are affected by price fluctuations. As of December 2021, Tether is the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization from December 2021.

  • Currency name- Tether
  • Developed by- Craig Sellars, Giancarlo Devasini, and Philip Potter
  •  Current market price- $0.9997

Binance coin

Binance Coin, the third-largest cryptocurrency was developed in the year 2017. This was introduced by Binance Exchange, one of the prominent exchanges in the world.

  • Currency name- Binance coin
  • Developed by- Changpeng Zhao
  •  Current market price- $548.27


Polkadot was created by Gavin Wood. He was a member of the core founders of the Ethereum project.

  • Currency name- Polkadot
  • Programming language of implementation-Rust
  • Developed by – Gavin Wood
  •  Current market price- $31.15


There has been extensive work done for the development of Cardano. The researchers of Cardano have written around 120 research papers and hence Cardano stands out among other cryptocurrencies globally.

  • Currency name- Cardano
  • Programming language of implementation-Haskell
  • Developed by – Charles Hoskinson
  • Current market price- $1.48

Sum Up

The list of cryptocurrencies does not end here. Most people are depending on cryptocurrencies for their living meanwhile some are investing for extra income. Bitcoin is the most popular among all other cryptocurrencies. At the early stage people have a lack of confidence in cryptocurrencies, they even doubt its stability in the market. Now the world itself changes into The Digital World where Bitcoin is one of the best cryptocurrencies that rules the world.

Many MLM companies use cryptocurrencies for money transactions, they prefer cryptos because it’s the most secured way of money transferring, for managing these transactions they use tools like cryptocurrency MLM software, Bitcoin MLM software, etc.

Why Cryptocurrency MLM software?

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