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Top 7 fastest growing Direct selling companies in 2021

Top 7 fastest growing Direct selling companies in 2021
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The direct selling industry is not new, it’s a better way to sell the products and services directly to clients without a middle man. In ancient times people refused to buy products via the internet, the main issue was related to quality and trust. But now the people have changed and they trust the internet and they keep sitting at home and ordering things, it’s quite easy.

Technology is rising and the world of opportunity is widening up. So by sitting home people can earn some income by working as an affiliate in one of the direct selling or network marketing companies. Do you ever think of joining a multi-level marketing business? If your answer is no, then no problem maybe you shouldn’t have heard of this industry and its opportunities. Here I am listing some of the fastest-growing direct selling companies in 2021. 

1. Crowd1


Crowd1 is a well-established company that offers a unique opportunity for members who like entrepreneurship and sales. The company supplies a library of products, apps, websites, and other services. 

Crowd1 sells educational packages which include generous vouchers with videos for the affiliates or they can re-sell them. Crowd1 has had a remarkable growth of network marketers during the first 16 months and is currently in talks with various big organizations for partnerships. 

2. Vyvo


The company was founded in 2019 by young entrepreneurs who have wide experience in the field of network marketing and technology. Fabio Galdi is the current CEO of the company. 

Vyvo provides its own opportunity plans such as Referral program, Network program, Token reward program, and Lifestyle reward program, and moreover, the payment plans are developed on blockchain smart contracts

Watch generation 2, watch lite SE, watch lite, vista plus, icon, vista, sense, leggera, nutrapak, nutrapak karbo, VYVO pay, Vyvo token, Vyvo smart app, and subscription are the products and services provides by the company. 

3. ibuumerang


Holton Buggs is the chairman and the CEO of the company, he was an industrial icon with 29 years of experience in the field of direct selling and network marketing worldwide. iboomerang is a travel booking website.

As the name describes it’s like a boomerang when we throw it, it comes back. The distributor will have a free ibuumerang website and those who book tickets through this website you will be paid. 

Compensation plan 

Compensation plan

4. BizzTrade


BizzTrade is a forex education platform that provides essential knowledge for upcoming entrepreneurs. They have many edu tools that are totally focused on delivering specific information and training to help the vendors to improve their financial position. 

BizTrade offers certain educational courses and training for the vendors to shine in the forex trade market they are:

  • Forex mastery course
  • Live sessions with experts
  • Video library
  • Bizz carrier

For joining in BizzTrade you just need to register and just start the course.

5. BE


BE is an upcoming ecosystem with the unique concept of “Live & Learn”. It offers e-learning and travel platforms with a complete set of tools for independent business owners. 

This company mainly uses AI technology to offer a decentralized and transparent space for people from all around the world without looking at their financial or educational background to build their own business from their smartphones.

6. Kuailian


David Ruiz de León David Ruiz de Leon is the CEO of Kuailiang. The company is very much fond of trading cryptocurrency, and the main advantage of this is the affiliates can join in the company by investing their money in the form of ethereum coin.

The main products are Digital currency services, purpose, Kuailian academy, Kuailian marketplace, and develops company accounts for the business vendors.

7. Mind.Capital


Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo heads Mind capital, a high-tech system that allows return from crypto-assets. The technology developed by this company allows people to study the evolution of main crypto assets and the price of cryptos in different countries and operate it in the market by using advanced algorithms. 

MCcoin is the token of the company where 1 MCcoin equals 1 USD. This is an exclusively internal coin that guarantees the consolidation of the mind capital project. It is not considered a stable coin because it is not listed on any exchange. 


Direct selling business offers an opportunity for the people who want to earn money or who like to build their own business enterprise. It’s more likely to join a startup MLM company than joining in a giant. The key advantage in joining in the upcoming or startups you can flourish along with the company can easily learn things happening in network marketing business which helps you in building your own business. 

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