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Top Direct selling tools that you must need in your Network Marketing business

Top Direct selling tools that you must need in your Network Marketing business
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“Network Marketing was very easy for me until this pandemic occurred”. This was the most commonly seen comment that we have heard from our clients so far. Actually, the people who have commented on this were not aware of the direct selling tools that are used to help network marketing companies to grow bigger and faster during any crisis. 

Here let’s discuss some of the most innovative direct selling tools that you must need along with you for the better future of your multi-level marketing business. These Network Marketing tools might help to gain more traffic and customer engagement that leads to great success in your MLM business. 

Top trending network marketing tools 

1. Marketing suite – A set of outreach tools

A marketing suite can be literally defined as a tool kit that consists of different tools that are used for promoting the product and services to global audiences. The most common tools include Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Marketing automation. It also includes social media monitoring, e-commerce, community, website and web content management, analytics, dashboard system, and SEO & content writing. 

Benefits of Marketing suite

It enables a fast transformation from the traditional methods to online marketing. The distributors can make use of the suite by managing social media promotion, referrals, lead capture events, and all other promotional tools. 

The analytics helps the MLM entrepreneurs to make their smart decisions. The main benefit is, by promoting the products and services in the online platforms will lead into reaching the global audience that helps enlarging the network, which makes the network marketing company cross the boundaries.  

The uses of marketing suite in MLM business
  • You can manage and organize the marketing process from one place.
  • Social media gives an opportunity to introduce, and sell the product and services to a global audience.
  • Can find popular marketing channels that suit your business.
  • Consolidate your data into a single source, track your emails, link clicks, website engagement, attachment download, and make them visible to your marketing team.
  • Refine the marketing process using filters.

2. Increase sales from Virtual party events

Almost everyone is taking advantage of the hottest new trend, Virtual party. Most of the virtual parties are taking place on Facebook but the truth is it never ends there. If a distributor feels unsafe arranging a party at his/her place by inviting so many guests, then it’s a limitation. Virtual parties overcome this limitation. 

Most of the virtual party events are fully online from the beginning to the end. That means the introduction, demonstration, and sales are completely online. The distributors, party hosts, and customers never meet in person.

Why is virtual party such a hit?

A virtual party can reach a much wider audience when compared with traditional home-based parties. A virtual party is not about simply launching an event on Facebook, Instagram, or Tik Tok it’s more than that. For maximizing the profit at every single stage of the event make sure that you have MLM software that can provide the back-end functionality. 

The products will be displayed on the screen before the guests, and the host will demonstrate them for the viewers. The real-time chatting system enables live interactions throughout the presentation. If your viewers need to buy a product in the middle of the event, don’t make them wait until the party’s over. you need to provide an e-commerce store that enables the viewers to add products to their cart and check out at any point in the presentation.

Benefits of a Virtual party plan
  • You can give a live Introduction of your products and services to a massive audience. You can invite an “N” number of guests.
  • Introduce, demonstrate, order, sales are done online.
  • Cost-effective method of hosting a virtual sales party.
  • This helps the distributors to ensure that the crisis won’t affect their marketing. 
  • It helps out the distributors who have less confidence.
  • By recording the event the affiliates can assess their performance and can make improvements in the next virtual event. 

3. Distributor Training suite

If a distributor is highly skilled but doesn’t know how to talk about the product and services of the company or when a customer asks the distributor a question regarding the product, he/she is blank. This happens because of the lack of training the distributor gets. Training must be considered as a primary aspect in Multi-level marketing business. 

It’s essential that the distributor must be knowledgeable about the products and services of that company.

What is a training suite?

The training suite helps the company to train the distributors according to a learning management system. After training the distributors will get to know in-depth about the product and services provided by the company.

Training programs can be conducted by inviting the distributors to a physical meeting or online training sessions. An advanced learning management platform is the key to achieve training. 

Benefits of training suite
  • The distributor gets correct knowledge about the company product and services.
  • The distributor understands the right marketing strategy.
  • By a training session, the company can evaluate fewer confidence distributors and can boost them.
  • The relationship between the company and a distributor will become closer.

4. CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) Integration

Customer relationship management is essential in a business that involves marketing and sales of products & services. CRM is the technical tool that helps in managing all the company relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. CRM integration will help the companies to manage all their prospects in one place.

The goal of CRM is simple, it’s used to improve business relationships to grow business. The system helps to store and maintaining client data easily. You can also monitor the customer response about the company’s products and services that will help the company to improve themselves effectively. 

Benefits of CRM integration
  • Can improve customer relationships.
  • It helps in generating leads and managing them.
  • It can record and track all the tasks and events.
  • Helps in achieving a better client-centric strategy in the business.

5. Intelligent business tool

Business Intelligence or BI is a set of tools that follow certain methods and technologies to prepare, present and help data analysis of a business. Simply it’s a business analytics tool that helps companies to analyze their business based on different parameters. The system does the job for the vendor and helps in understanding what’s happening in the business by showing the insights generated by the system.

Benefits of BI
  • It helps in identifying the potential improvements in the business by using KPI ( Key Performance Indicator ). 
  • Smart decision-making.
  • Set and manage business goals.
  • Boost productivity.

Sum up

All the above-listed tools are highly efficient and must need tools along with your network marketing business. Under any circumstances, you can market your product from anywhere you want with the help of these direct selling tools. 

We are fighting against this crisis along with the need to live our lives too. So it’s a more safer and effective way of marketing is online by organizing events and social media campaigns. Don’t sit inside your home as a dumb man, attach these gears into your direct selling business and drive to succeed, and do say that “Network marketing is easy for me even in the toughest times”.

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