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10 Most Influential Women in the Network Marketing Business in 2024

10 Most Influential Women in the Network Marketing Business in 2024
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Women have been naturally involved in network marketing since its inception. 75% of the global network in Network Marketing is made up of women. Women are motivated to work for Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing organizations for a variety of reasons. The most successful network marketing entrepreneurs in the world include a number of prominent female network marketers. The following is a list of the top 10 women in the network marketing business in 2024.

Donna Johnson

Donna is one of the most influential women in the MLM business is Donna Johnson. She is regarded and highly known in the MLM sector for her work as a mentor, businesswoman, philanthropist, and author. Donna has also created one of the most well-known multi-level marketing businesses despite not having a college degree. In order to reflect their earning position, she has elevated more than 1000 leaders to obtain the classic white Mercedes Benz.

Lisa Grossmann

Network marketing consultant, trainer, and speaker Lisa Grossmann is a multi-millionaire. Additionally, her firm employs 150,000 individuals in 15 different nations. Since she was first exposed to network marketing in 1988, Lisa has grown to become one of the industry’s most influential women. Her family-run firm served as her introduction to this type of business. Lisa really started her MLM business at a time when many of the current network marketing industry’s biggest names were just beginning their careers.

Hayley Hobson

Through her dedication and perseverance, Hayley Hobson, a successful woman in the network marketing industry, was able to rank among the top female network marketers. She was unsatisfied despite having a solid career and a college degree. This helped her decide on network marketing. She is a powerful woman with a lot of potential. This quickly helped her reach her MLM company’s lofty goals. Examples of this include completing the Presidential Diamond in just 16 months, the Double Diamond in 2 years, and the Double Blue Diamond in just 26 months.

Amber Voight

Amber Voight is an accomplished speaker and MLM earner who makes about $68,000 every month. She is a native of Elk River, Minnesota, and has been involved in network marketing since she was 17 years old. She is currently one of the highest-paid women in MLM. Amber’s network marketing business actually took off when she joined Younique. Amber has gone a long way—from being a young, homeless mother to one of the top MLM earners.

Kathleen Deggelman

A well-known female network marketer, Kathleen Deggelman, with more than 9 years of experience, works in the multi-level marketing sector. She currently ranks among the most powerful women in the network marketing industry, and her company is international, operating in more than 55 countries.She also now makes a seven-figure income from supporting 70,000 distributors.

Esther Spina

Entrepreneur and network marketer Esther Spina is a leading voice for women in the multi-level marketing sector. She is a dynamic speaker who inspires and motivates women to participate in network marketing. The Ambitious Woman and The Everything Guide to Network Marketing are two well-known books written by Esther.

Stefania Lo Gatto

One of the most influential ladies in the network marketing industry is Stefania Lo Gatto. She has over 20 years of expertise in the field, and she has a wealth of information. Stefania is also a well-known international trainer and speaker. Stefania is a multi-talented professional who also has three children. Stefania’s enthusiasm for assisting others in succeeding shines through in all she does. Everyone she encounters finds inspiration in her, and she exudes a positive spirit. Stefania Lo Gatto is an unstoppable force and a real powerhouse. Over 23 nations, including the USA, Italy, Dubai, Germany, and many more, are now part of her network.

Kimmy Brooke

Another top female network marketer who got from zero to seven figures in less than four years is Kimmy Brooke. She and her husband, Richard Brooke also, jointly operate a network marketing business. One of their businesses focuses on health and wellness, while the other is a network marketing firm that offers network marketers training materials, consultation, and support.

Sarah Zolecki

Sarah Zolecki is an expert network marketer who began using multi-level marketing at a very young age and quickly rose to great status. Her team is dispersed throughout more than 20 countries, and she has received numerous honors.

Amani Zein

Amani Zein is the epitome of a self-made woman; she began as a lowly salesperson and rose to the top of her organization. She is a driven leader with a clear vision for success, and she has consistently been prepared to work hard to turn her aspirations into reality. She is a role model who has demonstrated that anything is achievable with commitment and tenacity. Amani is a real force to be reckoned with, and she will undoubtedly do even more in the future.


So there you have it: our list of the top 10 Women in the Network Marketing Business in 2024. These women are dominating their fields and serve as role models for all of us who wish to do great things.

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