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Best Multi-level Marketing companies in Australia – 2021

Best Multi-level Marketing companies in Australia – 2021
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Multi-level Marketing is a business of opportunities for people to show up their skills in selling products. An MLM company grows by recruiting more people into that company for selling their product. We can see that most of the MLM companies are selling health-related products and cosmetics. Here we can discuss some of the best Multi-level Marketing companies in Australia to join. 

Why people are choosing MLM other than jobs?

MLM is the business that gives commissions for every distributor for each sale and will get bonuses when he/she recruits a member. The job will give you a fixed salary for whatever you do in a company. This is the most common reason for people selecting multi-level Marketing than a job.

Top MLM companies in Australia

If you are really thirsty for MLM business then firstly you must join one of the MLM business and just learn and then you can make your own company. Choosing a legit MLM company is a tedious task but don’t worry I will help you to find the best.


Usana is the oldest MLM company that started its journey in 1992. The company deals with more health-related products. The products are developed by Dr.Myron Wentz who is an expert in infectious disease. 

The company supplies good quality nutritional supplements that have good reviews all around the world. The company has grown to the next level and they have added more products that are Skincare products, Weight loss products, multivitamins & antioxidants, protein shakes, etc. Every product is the customer likely and trustworthy.


Thomas and Leslie were the founders of the company Neways which was started in 1987. The company was very famous for 20 years. It later had changed its name to Modere in 2014.

The products of this company were high-quality products and had great demand among the customers. Most of the products are personal care and skin care, anti-aging, nutrition supplements, weight loss, household items, etc. The product was delivered in attractive boxes that make the customer choose them. You need to purchase a certain amount of products from the company to be eligible for commissions. You will get bonuses by recruiting new members to your downline and also will get a commission for the sales they make.


Jeunesse is a very popular MLM company for its high-quality anti-aging and beauty products. The company was founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis in 2009. The companies headquarters is in Lake Mary Florida. 

The main advantage of the company is they give perfect training and support for the distributors to share their innovative products. Products are affordable without any compromise in quality. The company has many distributors all around the world. The product of Jaunesse is very fond in Australia. 


IT Works was founded in the year 2001. The company is one of the fastest-growing MLM companies in Australia. Skincare products, healthcare products, keto, Energy & Endurance, etc are the main product categories. The company offers a unique compensation plan that is more likely for the distributors for making money, also gives certain bonuses. 


Kyani was founded in the year 2007. The majority of the products include nutritional and health care supplements. The Hensens, The Powells, and The Taylors, the three families who are the founders of Kyani.

Kyani Sunset, Kyani Sunrise, Kyani Nitro Xtreme are the other products of KYANI. The products satisfy the customer because the quality is high and the price is affordable. Products are made by using natural ingredients and are also symbolic of their culture and tenacity. Buying a package from the company is the key to become a distributor. The distributors can earn commission by every sale and also can earn more by recruiting members as a downline. 

6. ACN 

ACN stands for American Communications Network. That was founded in the year 1993. The headquarters is in Concord, North Carolina. The company offers services for landlines, mobile, internet, etc. ACN has a huge customer base in Australia and New Zealand.

ACN is very fond of their good service given to the customers and they provide services through a network of independent sales agents.


The company mostly promotes the products which mainly consists of highly medicine value herb that is Ganoderma Lucidum. When compared to the competitors, Origano Gold is a new network marketing company. 

The herb Ganoderma Lucidium are used by the Chinese since the old days. Most of the products are coffee powders, skincare products that are rich in this medicinal herb and natural antioxidants, health beverages, chocolates, etc. As you can see that they have some unique and high-quality products with them that make them come to the list of top multilevel marketing companies

The main attraction for the customers is that the products are both useful and reasonable price. You have to choose a package or higher for becoming a member of the MLM company.


Network Marketing is not new to this world. The roots of MLM are still strong and will definitely stay strong for many more years. Australian MLM companies have generated around 20 billion USD of sales per year. This proves that MLM companies in Australia are in great profit. MLM companies open great opportunities for people who do not want to work under a firm or a person. If you are a seeker of MLM business then join one of the MLM companies.

Beware of scam companies!!

Inspirational story

Natura is one of the old MLM company which starts its journey since 1969. Rich Devos and Jay van Andel, both joined as distributors at Natura in that old-time and later they resigned from the company and started their own venture. They named their company AMWAY which is now standing at the top of the table for years.   

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