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Gold & Silver Network Marketing Companies 

<strong>Gold & Silver Network Marketing Companies </strong>
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A fascinating way to make money is offered by 5 Gold & Silver Network marketing companies. That is the theory, at least. These businesses frequently emphasize anxiety over prospective economic changes and the notion that precious metals provide a reliable means to cling to riches.

Although I would contend that more individuals would be interested in more contemporary financial goods, many people are interested in investing in precious metals. Making money by offering such folks a desirable company may be possible.

Gold isn’t as good an investment as you might believe, it’s vital to note. When compared to other assets like stocks or real estate, gold tends to depreciate over time, though it does so to a lesser extent. A hedge against inflation and, well, the impending collapse of the current financial system is one of the benefits of recommending gold investments.

However, if the financial market crashes, gold won’t be such a fantastic option either. Let’s face it, there’s a good likelihood that the price of gold will decrease as well if that sort of scenario does come to pass. Even if it doesn’t, there are plenty of other essential items to have on hand. Here we listed few top gold and silver network marketing companies.

Gold & Silver Network Marketing Companies

  1. 7K Metals
  2. SwissGolden Network
  3. Karatbars International
  4. International Silver Network
  5. Global Intergold

1. 7K Metals:

7K Metals Focus on  Silver and gold through different product categories with a minimum cost of $249.Silver and gold are sold by 7K Metals in a number of formats. Gold and silver bars are included in this.  

There are enough other sizes and pricing points to offer a wide range of options. Coins, which are available in both silver and gold, are another merchandise category. There are numerous patterns to pick from, some of which may be bought in bulk.

There isn’t a lot of information on the possibility provided by 7K Metals up front. They do, however, seem to be employing a binary MLM plan. With this kind of strategy, you will have two legs supporting you instead of one. Your pay is determined by how well your team performs in comparison to other teams.

2. SwissGolden Network marketing

SwissGolden Network Focus on Gold bars which means SwissGolden Network offers fewer products than many of the competing businesses. This business makes its things sound fantastic by using hyperbole. This includes the notion that gold is a tremendous kind of investment.

 There is also the company’s website to take into account if that wasn’t alarming enough. It’s a little unique to make money with SwissGolden Network. You don’t make money from sales directly, for one thing. Instead, the sales you make assist in paying for the gold that you personally buy.

3. Karatbars International

Karatbars International bars mainly focus on block-chain related products. At first, Karatbars International only sold gold as a product. This was promoted with the usual hoopla that frequently surrounds the gold and silver industries and was sold for a price greater than the market price for gold. The company now sells gold in the form of a one-gram coin or a one-gram card. There are also special cards available. These have various exteriors but the same amount of gold inside.

Additionally, there are some odder products. One is marketed as “the future means of payment” and is called CashGold. These appear to be currency loaded with 0.1 grams of gold. The concept is intriguing, but seeing how such bills would be practical for making purchases is difficult.

Another item is Karat Merchant, which aims to provide a secure method of transferring cryptocurrency. Given that Karatbars International provides so little information about what they are giving, it is difficult to say whether the tool is any good.

Really unappealing compensation from Karatbars International. Simply said, packages generate a 10% commission for distributors. Since these bundles are intended for distributors, it is even unclear whether sales to regular customers will result in revenue for you.

4. International Silver Network Marketing

The primary focus of the global silver network is silver coins. International Silver Network primarily concentrates on selling silver, as the name would imply. They achieve this using coins that contain silver bullion. The coins have designs from countries all over the world, including Australia, Canada, and the United States.

The fact that International Silver Network almost exclusively concentrates on the possibility to make money is a crucial feature of the business. Additionally, they make extensive use of gold and silver hype, such as the claim that they are selling “real” money. 

Along with the premise that the economy is becoming worse over time and that paper money is losing value, the site frequently uses the real money motif. Such concepts are unrealistic, as we said at the beginning of this piece. There are no assurances that gold and silver will benefit you in the event that the economy does suffer. This emphasis reveals a lot about how the products are promoted.

5. Global Intergold

Gold bars weighing one gram to 100 grams are what Global Intergold mostly sells. They bear the Global InterGold trademark, but other than that, they are ordinary gold bars. There are occasionally limited edition items as well, like gold bars honoring Aristippus of Cyrene. However, nothing about the gold, in the end, makes it superior to what other businesses provide. Due to internet sales and a global focus, Global Intergold’s marketing makes the claim that the company is not a multilevel marketing organization (MLM). Because of these regions, Global Intergold uses fewer one-on-one sales techniques, but it still has an MLM structure.

Then, the compensation plan offers benefits that assist in financing this gold investment.

The bonuses are provided by Global Intergold using a table approach, and the gold is subsequently paid back. There are 13 orders and three levels in the table. At their first level, three at their second level, and one at their third level, members must make a minimum of nine sales each. These sales also require a particular format.


The network marketing companies on this list are all quite uninteresting. The pattern isn’t all that surprising because gold and silver don’t work well with the MLM model because spot prices can always be used to determine their current value. This is really intriguing to me because it exposes the dishonesty and excessive pricing of most MLM businesses.

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