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Hybrid MLM has launched the new Flower Looming Gift Plan MLM Software

Hybrid MLM has launched the new Flower Looming Gift Plan MLM Software
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Flower Looming Gift MLM plan is a modern compensation plan in the Multi-Level Marketing world. We recently launched this compensation plan for our HybridMLM software. Like other popular MLM plans like the binary plan, matrix plan, uni-level plan, etc, the flower looming gift plan is going to be a promising MLM compensation plan with its uniqueness and benefits.

The way the flower looming gift plan works is different from other compensation plans. Most of the MLM plan consists of the sponsor with his/her downlines placed on left/right leg or other positions depending on the plan. But in the case of flower looming gift plan, the structure is entirely different. There are no sponsors or parents in flower looming gift plan and it works like a rotating structure like a flower. That’s how this plan got its name. There are normally four levels in this structure which are fire, air, earth and water. Each member will move from outer level to inner level and when he/she enters the 4th level, the member receives a gift from the new users on the first level.

Let’s take a detailed look at how the flower looming gift MLM plan works. As already mentioned before that this plan’s flower structure involves 4 levels, the first outer level is called Fire and it includes 8 slots, thus 8 new joined members will be placed here. The second level is Air which includes 4 slots. The third level is Earth and it involves 2 slots. The fourth and last inner level is Water which has only 1 slot. When a new member joins, he/she enters the Fire level by gifting an amount of money to the member in Water level. Each week, the member will rotate through each level and he/she will have 4 weeks to reach the 4th level, which is Water level. Upon reaching there, the member will receive a full gift from the 8 members who are on the first level, which is Fire level.

There are numerous benefits of using the flower looming gift plan in your MLM business like members can earn money as gifts easily and quickly compared to other compensation plans. Another advantage of this compensation plan is that it’s a lot easier to understand this MLM plan, so convincing others to join this plan becomes much easier. It becomes beneficial for the company as flower looming gift plan surely attracts more people to join, thus increasing the business’ earning potential.

HybridMLM provides a well-equipped, secure and smooth-functioning flower looming gift plan for your Multi-Level Marketing business. It comes with a good number of up-to-date features and tools which ensure seamless business operations in any MLM business. The business administrators can monitor all the activities that take place in the MLM business easily in our software. Also, various reports are available in our flower looming gift MLM plan software so the business owners can take decisions easily and quickly inorder to improve the efficiency and profitability of your MLM business.

What makes HybridMLM’s flower looming gift MLM plan software special is that we offer a complete customization option for our clients so that they get the software as per their business requirements and preferences. Our flower looming gift MLM plan software is also cost-efficient but there will be no compromise on the quality provided.

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